Petty Cash Book MBA Assignment Help

Petty Cash Book Assignment Help


The petty cash book is an official summarization of petty cash expenses, arranged by date. The petty cash book is a real journal book, rather than a computer system record. Hence, the book becomes part of a manual record-keeping system.

Petty Cash Book Assignment Help

Petty Cash Book Assignment Help

There are 2 main kinds of entries in the petty cash book, which are a debit to tape-record cash gotten by the petty cash clerk (generally in a single block of cash at irregular periods), and a great deal of credits to show cash withdrawals from the petty cash fund. These credits can be for such deals as payments for meals, flowers, workplace materials, stamps, etc.

In nearly all companies, it is discovered essential to keep little amounts of active capital with the cashier or petty cashier for the function of conference little expenditures such as postage, telegrams, fixed and workplace sundries and so on. The amount of cash so kept in hand usually called as petty cash and book where the petty cash expenses are tape-recorded is called as petty cash book.

The essential distinction in between the Main Cash Book and the Petty Cash Book is that just petty costs are taped in the Petty Cash Book. No invoice (with the exception of cash gotten from the Chief Cashier), nevertheless little it might be, is taped in it. In the primary Cash Book all invoices (little and huge) and big costs are taped.

Therefore we see that in big companies both the books are important, although the significance of the Petty Cash Book is rather less than the Main Cash Book.

Therefore, the book where little payments, which are not practical to tape in the Main Cash Book, (like postage, taking a trip costs, purchase of stationery and so on) are taped is called Petty Cash Book.

Some examples for utilizing petty cash consist of the following: paying the postal provider the 17 cents due on a letter being provided, repaying a worker $9 for materials bought, or paying $14 for bakeshop products provided for a business’s morning conference.

The quantity in a petty cash fund will differ by company. For some, $50 is sufficient. For others, the quantity in the petty cash fund will have to be $200.

When the money in the petty cash fund is low, the petty cash custodian demands a check to be moneyed in order to renew the cash that has actually been paid.

Your petty cash book permits you to tape pertinent details about the purchases you have actually made. If you purchased a screw at the corner hardware shop, you may keep in mind whether this purchase was utilized to repair a piece of facilities devices or as a part of an item you will offer straight to a consumer.

Company carrying out a great deal of petty deals typically keep a different petty cash book. The following points highlight the value and benefits of petty cash book which can be taken as its goals.

* Petty cash book keeps records of all petty payments methodically.

* Petty cash book products details concerning petty payments made on various heads more quickly and rapidly.

* Petty cash book enables for making contrast of the petty costs in between 2 durations and assists in managing such petty costs better.

* Petty cash decreases the problem of head cashier as he is not needed to manage petty deals. The head cashier will have adequate time to handle and manage significant cash deals more successfully.

* Petty cash book assists in making the primary cash book more useful, clear and tidy by consisting of just significant deals.

Due to the fact that of department of labor in taping cash deals, * Petty cash book assists in making the records of cash deals updated.

Due to the fact that each payment under specific head is not published into the journal independently, petty cash book conserves time. The publishing is made with the periodical overall at a time.

The petty cash book is a helpful control over petty cash expenses, because it requires the petty cash clerk to officially tape all cash inflows and cash outflows. To make sure that this is a reliable control, the petty cash book need to be examined regularly by an internal auditor to see if the net overall quantity of cash offered according to the book matches the real quantity of cash on hand in the petty cash drawer. If not, the petty cash clerk might need extra training.

A petty cash book is typically preserved on a columnar basis– a different column being set aside for each kind of expense. The is just one loan column on the debit side and all amount gotten from time to time by the petty cashier from the chief cashier are gone into in it. The credit side includes a number of analysis columns.

Every payment made by the petty cashier is entered upon this side two times– To start with it is taped in the overall column and after that to the proper column to which the cost is worried. The overall of the “overall column” will naturally concur with the overall of all subsidiary columns. The distinction in between the overall of the debit products which of the “overall column” on the credit side at any time will represent the balance of the petty cash in hand and this ought to tally with the petty cashier’s real holding of cash.

The details in your petty cash book becomes part of a bigger accounting system that discusses your business’s monetary activity for tax functions as well as distills feedback about effectiveness and success. Occasionally incorporate the info in your petty cash book with the records in your basic accounting system by noting purchase quantities in the suitable classifications and utilizing these figures to balance out revenues. Keep records of how you got the funds that you utilized to begin and renew your petty cash funds, such as making a cash withdrawal from the bank.

The petty cash (real cash and all the supporting invoices and coupons) is generally kept in a locked drawer or box and one person is appointed or designated as the custodian of the fund. People need to likewise be designated who have the authority to authorize payments utilizing petty cash.

All petty cash dispensations are made from this fund. A book or worksheet is preserved that records all the payments made and why and exactly what for they were made. Your chart of accounts is utilized to identify exactly what account( s) to charge the payment to.

Petty cash imprest system is an efficient method to handle little daily costs. Considering that cash is the most liquid resource of the entity, strong controls over it are needed to prevent possible misappropriation. Following controls might be used over petty cash:

Petty cash needs to be maintaineded at a protected location (e.g. a cash box).

When not in usage, petty cash should be locked away in a safe.

Cashier needs to be accountable to keep supporting billings in regard of payments made through petty cash.

Surprise cash counts should be performed time to time to guarantee the precision of the cash balance specified in the petty cash register.

The quantity of petty cash float need to not be set expensive.

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